Ok, what is this video all about u ask?

In short it is about this millionaire trader who have made millions from the markets decides that he is going to choose 8 people from all walks of live, train them and then allow them to trade his money.

How long did he train them? 2 weeks actually and they are then given 2 months to run their own hedge fund. The millionaire trader is Lex Van Dam and no he is not the guy in the Kickboxing movie. But is he someone who can really kick some ass as you will see in the video clip as some of the traders were shown the door after a few bouts of losing trades. And yes, he has a side kick which helps him to track the traders and reports on them on a daily basis. One thing to take note, these so called pros really want to show that in this business you have got to have the killer instinct. I personally appreciate that but I don’t think most people do and some may even attribute that to just pure ego and masculine brat behavior. :grin:

Anyway, the so called experiment was conducted to see whether simple ordinary people like you and me can beat the professionals at their own game. On top of that he is also expecting the traders to turn a profit at the end of the day. The only thing that most of them do not expect is that this video was taken during spring 2008 when the financial crisis in the US was gaining speed towards the doldrums and bailouts and quantitative easing.

From watching this video, I reminiscence the time when I was trading at that time, it was pure drudgery and very difficult. At that moment in time, I remembered trading the S&P futures, the Dow Jones Index and tool some euro dollar trades too. I was shorting of course but ultimately I was scalping and doing it fast and quick. The rebounds was fast and swift too and the market was reeling at that time. I can’t find a worst time for those traders to learn to start trading.

I hope you enjoy the video and I think you will learn a thing or two about trading here. One lesson that I pick up from this is to accept all responsibility if you are a trader, be it taking credits for a good profitable trade or taking the responsibility for a trade gone wrong coz that is what it takes to be a good trader.


~ Ardy

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