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Our Trading Plan


  1. To make profits of 5 to 15% a month
  2. To maintain a drawdown of not more than 10%
  3. To have Stellar Performance Stats that can help bring us more clients in the future

Who is in the Team?

  1. Ardy Ismail (FX Trader)
  2. Wazza (FX Risk and Trade Management)

Modus Operandi

  1. Ardy provides trade entry signals through the ForexAchievers Signals app.
  2. Wazza enters and exits the trade according to the Trading Plan.

PLAN A (When account is up from 0 – 5%)

  1. Signals with the words “Ad Victoriam!” with an exclamation mark will be taken.
  2. One ! = Risk 0.5% of capital
  3. Two ! = Risk 1% of capital
  4. Three ! = Risk 1.5% of capital

     Trade Management

  1. We enter with 2 contracts. 1st contract is call Mr Grab (G1) and 2nd one called Mr Homerun (H1)
  2. (G1) will exit at TP1.
  3. At TP 1, SL for (H1) will be shifted to Breakeven (BE) or 2 pips above BE (Warrick decides). Nothing changes when TP 2 is hit. At TP3 we will take profit. All trades closed (We will try to build the account up quickly to 5% so as to execute Plan B).

PLAN B (When account up from 5% and above)

  1. One ! = Risk 1% of capital
  2. Two ! = Risk 1.5% of capital
  3. Three ! = Risk 2% of capital

  Trade Management 

  1. We enter 3 contracts. 1st is called Mr Grab (G1). 2nd and 3rd contracts will be called (H1) and (H2).
  2. G1 will exit at TP 1 (At TP 1, H1 and H2’s SL will be shifted to BE)
  3. At TP 2, (H1) trade will be closed while (H2) remains open.
  4. At TP 3, (H2’s) SL will be shifted to TP 2. So we either get out at TP 2 or at TP 4.

PLAN C (Drawdown Strategy: When account is down from -0 to -5%)

  1. No matter what the exclamation mark, risk 1% only with 2 contracts, (G1) and (H1).
  2. G1 to exit at TP 1 (When hit TP 1, shift (H1’s) SL to breakeven or 2 pips above the entry (Warrick decides)
  3. H1 to exit at TP 2.

PLAN D (Drawdown Strategy: When account is down from -5% onwards)

  1. No matter what the exclamation mark, risk 0.5% only with 2 contracts, (G1 and (H1)
  2. G1 to exit at TP 1 (When hit TP 1, shift (H1’s) SL to breakeven or 2 pips above the entry (Warrick decides)
  3. H1 to exit at TP 2


  1. Trades will be taken based on H4, Daily and Weekly time frame.
  2. We will be employing a swing trade strategy.
  3. We utilise 15, 30, 50, 100 and 200ema on the Daily chart + MACD histogram + Price Action + Classical Technical Analysis
  4. We utilise 15 and 30 ema on the H4 chart + MACD histogram + Price action + Classical Technical Analysis + Keltner channel
  5. We take into account Fundamentals and news events.
  6. We might want to be more careful around major news and major events and be careful of the pairs that we trade and what major event is surrounding them.


All traders will experience a losing streak.

What separates a Professional from an amateur trader is how they handle the losing streak. It will determine whether you become consistently profitable or you crash and burn.

The best traders know how to land softly.

So how we avoid crashing and burning and how we get out of a bad situation in trading is determined by the strategy that is deployed when you experience a drawdown.

What is a Drawdown?

A Drawdown is the reduction of one’s trading capital measured from peak to trough. So, if you grow your account to $100,000 and lose $20,000, the drawdown is 20%.

Once the account grows beyond $100,000 a new peak begins and thus resets any subsequent drawdown.

3 Steps to Control Drawdowns

1. Keep risk as low as possible – You have to ask yourself what happens if you lose 3 trades in a row, 4 trades in a row or 5 trades in a row. Look at the table below and you will realise that if you are in a losing streak, you are better off risking lesser per trade.

2. Reduce risk if losses continue – Lower your risk per trade if losses continue. In a trading slump, you ONLY have 3 choices.

i) Risk the same amount per trade – This isn’t the worst option of the 3 but it wouldn’t turn things around.

ii) Increase risk so that you make back what you have lost – This is the worst option and is what most FX traders do in a drawdown. This is also called “Revenge Trading”. It is a desperate attempt to recover lost funds. If you do this, it is a matter of time before you lose your account.

iii) Reduce risk with each subsequent loss – The best option among the 3 and guarantees you a soft landing during a drawdown period versus a crash and burn experience.

3. Set a Drawdown Cap

Besides walking away from the market, you can prevent losses from building up by setting a weekly percentage cap. If you lose lets say more than 7% a week, you should stop trading until the new week begins.

This is a powerful rule as it helps you to be more selective of your trade setups.


Taking losses is part of trading. It is a necessary business expense that MUST be endured. It is an EXPENSE that needs to be controlled.

There will be months when everything is doing great for you while there are months that things don’t go your way. That is when you need to handle drawdowns and prevent your emotions from running wild.

If anything, always go back to RULE NUMBER 1: PROTECT YOUR CAPITAL AT ALL TIMES


Our Offerings

Survive and Thrive!


— Ad Victoriam —



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