Forex Trading: The Impotent Doji on USD/JPY

Good day traders! Took a trade today based on candlestick reversal signal, a bearish looking doji on the H4 of the USD/JPY chart was spotted. Clapped my hands with glee thinking that this is a no brainer trade that will make me some yummy pips. The failed doji on dollar yen trade This

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USDJPY Trade Update, Long Trade taken at 81.9 on 11th Oct 2010 8.05am, closed on 12th Oct 2010 9.45am – 40 pips Gain

Good day traders! Trade update on 12th Oct 2010: Trade closed at 82.3 for 40 pips gain. (Decided to exit trade due to reasons related to price momentum. Weak upside Momentum in the correction ) usd jpy chart analysis USD/JPY Trade USD/JPY Trade Taken, Long Trade at 81.9, 11th Oct 2010 8.05am The

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USD/JPY Technical Analysis on 4th Oct 2010 2.53pm

Good day traders! Lets look at the USDJPY chart below. Dollar Yen Chart Analysis I pulled up the dollar yen chart to see whats happening in this pair. There are so many news and speculation surrounding this pair at the moment. Some are saying that the efforts by the Central Bank of Japan

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USD/JPY Trade on Update on 24th September 2010 6.22pm Singapore Time

USD/JPY Trade Update on 24th September 2010 (6.22pm)   Trade closed when the price jumped up to reach for the upper boundaries of my 21ema purple channel. From experience, I know that prices after having breached the R3 pivot level, will tend to fall back below that level. As such, I have decided to take

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Effect of Bank of Japan’s intervention of the Yen in the Charts

Bank of Japan (BOJ) intervened in the currency markets today and caused a big spike up from 82.88 to 85.78. That is nearly a 300 pips to the upside! Did you manage to catch any of that? Well, for me, I took some from a long GBP/JPY trade I took today. A 50 pips gain

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