EUR/USD Technical Analysis on 7th March 2012

Good day traders! The euro dollar has ssen some bearishness since the beginning of the week. With the Greek crisis hitting the news again, risk aversion has entered the market again. From the euro dollar daily chart above, it seems that euro dollar is about to continue on its down trend. It has broken the

Euro breakout and heading higher to 1.345 level.

Good day traders! The chart below show the euro dollar trending up. The pair went lower early this week and has since went above its last high of around a.332. Above here the pair can be seen targeting the resistance level 1.345. I will be watching this pair closely as it goes higher and I would

A MACD divergence on the Euro Dollar One Hour chart signalled an eventual 300 over pips correction

Good day traders! The chart below shows us a recent euro dollar move that saw a correction of more than 300 pips. There was divergence on the MACD on the 1 hour chart. The channel saw the price moving up whilst the MACD was pointing down. This divergence signal to us that there could be

When you see a Double Top and a Lower High, Short!

This post is a reminder to all of us trading the forex market. Here is the reminder: Do not look for complex systems to trade the market. Look for simple and proven signals that is timeless and can give you the 90 percent chance of success when you trade based on those signals. These signals

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Forex Trading: Euro Dollar Falls on Monday in early Asian and European Trade

Good day traders! We have the euro dollar today dropping from 1.34209 in early Australian trade to 1.3247 as of now 11.56 Singapore time and also during the US open. The drop is nearly 200 pips and are we going to see the resumption of the risk aversion this week or better market sentiments that

Why you Should Learn to Trade or Invest Independently

Educate yourself There are many good reasons to why you should be learning how to invest or even trade in the financial markets yourself. However, in this post, I am just going to give you some reasons to why you should start pulling up your pants and get yourself interested in the information

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