EUR/USD Technical Analysis on 7th March 2012

Good day traders! The euro dollar has ssen some bearishness since the beginning of the week. With the Greek crisis hitting the news again, risk aversion has entered the market again. From the euro dollar daily chart above, it seems that euro dollar is about to continue on its down trend. It has broken the

Forex Trading near Christmas can be Risky

The reason why I came up with this post is because I want to remind myself as well as you guys out there thattrading in "thin" markets with lesser volume than usual can be very risky when you are at the wrong spectrum of the trade. Just look at the chart below. Its a 70

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Euro Debt Problems in the Headlines again

euro In May this year, Euro fell a great fall due to the sovereign debt crisis being faced by the various member of the European Union. Many have been warning of a potential collapse in the EuroZone and for several months after  euro bottomed at the beginning of June. This week, the euro

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