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EURUSD – ABC Retracment pattern up to 1.30

Euro dollar bearishness is not over but there is a possibility that this pair retraces up before it continues on its descent. Looking at the chart below, we can see that 1.30 is a possible target on the upside and is a possibility as long as 1.29 holds. If 1.29 breaks, we might see the

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EURUSD – Bears in Control: Pintail was just to Shake the Weak Bulls 11th June 2014

EURUSD - On the daily time frame and it is clear that the bears are in control at the moment. The pin tail that we saw after the release of the news by ECB chief Draghi only goes to show a move by the market makers to shake off the weak bears. Right now, the

EURUSD – Technical Analysis Weekly Time Frame 20th May 2014

Hi Traders! The chart above shows us the EURUSD on the weekly Time frame. Two weeks ago, we saw the pair close with a bearish engulfing candle. This has given more momentum to the bears the following and the pair closed in red. This week, we have seen very little movements in the euro dollar

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EURUSD – Daily and Hourly Time frame chart analysis on 16th May 2014

Hi traders. I see a pin tail that has yet to close on the daily time frame of the EURUSD. If by US market close and that pin tail is still valid I am buying some more! Yes, I have already bought at 1.3701 and I will be buying a little more if market continues

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EURUSD – Technical Analysis on Daily Time Frame 15th November 2013

Hi traders! EURUSD - On the daily Time frame the Euro dollar is testing the line from which it broke out from last week. The pair reached the point which coincides also with the 9EMA and fell lower. What is the pair going to do from here? Bull Case: If the bulls are able to

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EURUSD – Technical Analysis on the Daily TF on 31st October 2013

Hi traders! Looking at the EURUSD pair on the daily time frame, we see the pair reacting to the 15 ema yesterday. Past price behaviour in the past have shown that the 15 ema provides some support and bounces to the upside have been observed. Since we are at the 15 ema right now, some

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EURUSD – Technical Analysis of Forex Pair on Weekly Time Frame

We are in the 4th week of October and with the debt ceiling issue resolved for the time being, I decided to take a look again at the weekly time frame of the Euro Dollar. Take note  that today, NFP figures will be released and it will have a effect on all US dollar currency

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Technical Analysis of Euro Dollar – 4th November 2012

Good day traders! The euro dollar looked heavy at the closing on Friday. The pair has broken below the bottom of the up trend line, tested once on Wednesday and fell with one large swoop on Friday. So, what can we look forward to next week? From the above chart, we can see that the

Euro breakout and heading higher to 1.345 level.

Good day traders! The chart below show the euro dollar trending up. The pair went lower early this week and has since went above its last high of around a.332. Above here the pair can be seen targeting the resistance level 1.345. I will be watching this pair closely as it goes higher and I would

Is the EURUSD giving us a chance to enter on a long swing trade?

Good day traders! Euro took a deep correction from 1.428 region to correct all the way down to 1.38226, a drop of about 460 pips, enough to wipe out a trader's account if you are over leveraged. Nevertheless, the euro still offers us an opportunity for a swing trade. euro dollar elliot wave analysis