Forex Trading near Christmas can be Risky

The reason why I came up with this post is because I want to remind myself as well as you guys out there thattrading in "thin" markets with lesser volume than usual can be very risky when you are at the wrong spectrum of the trade. Just look at the chart below. Its a 70

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Forex Trading: Euro Dollar Falls on Monday in early Asian and European Trade

Good day traders! We have the euro dollar today dropping from 1.34209 in early Australian trade to 1.3247 as of now 11.56 Singapore time and also during the US open. The drop is nearly 200 pips and are we going to see the resumption of the risk aversion this week or better market sentiments that

EURUSD Trade Plan on 5th November 2010

Good day traders! Trade Update: 5th November 2010 7.03 pm. No trades taken yet as there was no support at the level that I wanted to buy which is at 1.416. The pair however managed to go down all the way to the 21 ema on the 4 hour chart and that is acting as

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EURUSD Long Trade taken at 1.392 on 2nd Nov 2010 —> Trade Update. Trade Closed with 80 pips profit

Good day traders! Trade Update: Trade closed with an 80 pips profit. Opened a long trade at 1.392 and closed trade as limit was hit at 1.40. :p euro dollar trade closed with 80 pips profit euro dollar technical analysis Euro dollar trade taken. Went long at 1.392. Looking at TP

EURUSD Technical Analysis on the Daily Chart on 4th Oct 2010 10.09 am

Good day traders. Lets look at the EURUSD chart below. Euro Dollar Technical Analysis Lets see what the euro dollar dailies chart have to say. The way I see it, I think that there is a probability that pair is due for a correction with resistance from the uptrend line. However, if price

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EUR/USD 4 Hour Chart Analysis on 7th September 2010 10.03 am Singapore Timers

Good day traders! Lets look at the chart below. Euro Dollar Chart Analysis Here is an early analysis of the euro dollar on the 4 hour charts. Price is looking a lil bit bearish right now as the euro have just broken the rising pennant that I have marked in purple. Three candles

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