EURUSD – Technical Analysis on the Daily TF on 31st October 2013

Hi traders! Looking at the EURUSD pair on the daily time frame, we see the pair reacting to the 15 ema yesterday. Past price behaviour in the past have shown that the 15 ema provides some support and bounces to the upside have been observed. Since we are at the 15 ema right now, some

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Euro Dollar Trading Strategy on 22nd June 2012

Good day traders! Lets go over the euro dollar chart and let the chart tell us the story.I will usually start from the bigger time frames and then go down to the smaller time frames. Below is the daily time frame for the euro dollar. euro dollar daily time frame On the daily

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis on 7th March 2012

Good day traders! The euro dollar has ssen some bearishness since the beginning of the week. With the Greek crisis hitting the news again, risk aversion has entered the market again. From the euro dollar daily chart above, it seems that euro dollar is about to continue on its down trend. It has broken the

Forex Trading: Euro Dollar Falls on Monday in early Asian and European Trade

Good day traders! We have the euro dollar today dropping from 1.34209 in early Australian trade to 1.3247 as of now 11.56 Singapore time and also during the US open. The drop is nearly 200 pips and are we going to see the resumption of the risk aversion this week or better market sentiments that

Forex Trading: Euro Dollar Analysis after the Irish Bailout

Good day traders! Ahhh.. So the Irish banks got a bailout after all. There was a lot of drama before the bailout with the Irish pretending that they didn't need any help from anyone and that they can survive without any help from anyone. But what we know now is that they actually welcomed that

Is the EURUSD giving us a chance to enter on a long swing trade?

Good day traders! Euro took a deep correction from 1.428 region to correct all the way down to 1.38226, a drop of about 460 pips, enough to wipe out a trader's account if you are over leveraged. Nevertheless, the euro still offers us an opportunity for a swing trade. euro dollar elliot wave analysis

EURUSD Trade Plan on 5th November 2010

Good day traders! Trade Update: 5th November 2010 7.03 pm. No trades taken yet as there was no support at the level that I wanted to buy which is at 1.416. The pair however managed to go down all the way to the 21 ema on the 4 hour chart and that is acting as

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EURUSD Long Trade taken at 1.392 on 2nd Nov 2010 —> Trade Update. Trade Closed with 80 pips profit

Good day traders! Trade Update: Trade closed with an 80 pips profit. Opened a long trade at 1.392 and closed trade as limit was hit at 1.40. :p euro dollar trade closed with 80 pips profit euro dollar technical analysis Euro dollar trade taken. Went long at 1.392. Looking at TP

EUR/USD Technical Analysis on 28th September 2010 3.05pm (Singapore Time)

Good day Forex traders! Lets look at the chart below. euro dollar analysis Looking  at the chart above, I believe that there is a possibility of a correction in this pair. 1.35 is proving to be quite a resistance and the pair should turn lower from here before it makes its next move

Price as a Derivative of People’s Decisions and Perceptions

Price as a Derivative of People Yes, price is a derivative of human interactions and psychological outcome. As such, do not take price as a being that have its own characteristics and is departed from the human being. When you look at price, understand that price is an OUTCOME, a DERIVATIVE. It is

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