With QE2 around the corner, get ready for more Inflation in the years to come

Today, the FOMC is going to announce how much quantitative easing they are going to do. In other words, they are going to tell you and me how much money they are going to print which effectively will take away the real value of our money. It is something which I can do nothing about

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The Fed will only Hike in 2015- What does this mean to us?

Goldman Sachs came up with the above statement that the Fed will only start to hike interest rates in 2015. Thats like 4 years away but that statement means a lot to me. It means that at the moment, the Fed is hell bent on quantitative easing (QE) or in other words will print as

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Whats on the Economic Calendar today? 10th September 2010

Economic Calendar for today Running through the economic calendar today, we see a few data releases that warrants some attention if you are trading the British pound and the Canadian dollar. In this post, I will just summarise the main key points of the data and how it may impact you and me

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