The Minimalist Forex Trader

What comes to your mind when you hear the word minimalist? For me I think the word means less is better. Over the years, technology have made trading with a mobile phone or a laptop possible. You no longer need to surround yourself with multiple screens and to have a television at the side in

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Trade Forex like a Remora

Good morning traders! Always remind yourself this: Never believe that you control the market and that the market must follow what you think the market should do. That is pure fantasy. Adopt the perspective that you can never control the market. Believe that the market only gives you signals and clues to where it is

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The Importance of the 5.00 PM New York Close to Forex Traders

Good morning friends. Its 7.30 pm here in Singapore and I feel like sharing some pointers on the importance of the 5.00 pm New York Closing time which happens to be 5.00 am Singapore time and the time when I am most likely being asleep at. Hehe.. Nevertheless, it's important to take note of a

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What to do When you Feel Lost in the Forex Maze

What would you do if you ever feel lost while trading forex? This is something that all traders would face as they manouver the forex market. How would anyone ever get lost in the forex market? Well, it is a feeling you get when after looking through the charts, you still don't know where the

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Forex Trading: Price Behaviour Around Round Numbers

Price behaviour and price action is something that all traders need to understand and observe in order to be profitable in their trades. Price behaviour around round numbers is something that most forex traders that utilise the scalping method and is looking to take 10 to 20 pips per trade. Do follow me and look

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