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Welcome to my blog. Ardy here and I trade from the sunny island of Singapore which also happens to be one of the world’s financial centres. I am glad that you have made your way to my site. This where I share my experiences in my journey trading the Foreign exchange market or also known as the Forex market.

I am a Professional trader based in Singapore and I trade from home. I have the luxury of trading the Asian, UK and US time, all 3 at the same time in my waking hours. I feel blessed to be in Singapore as I feel that this is one of the best places to trade forex. Also, in Singapore, we have some of the best food money can buy.


I have been trading Forex since 2008 and stocks since 2000. That is a grand total of 14 plus years of investing and trading the financial markets.

I mainly trade Forex major pairs and occasionally the Yen crosses (GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY). I trade equities too, mainly Singapore and US equities. As part of my portfolio mix, I also trade and invest in the commodities markets, namely Gold, Silver and Crude Oil.

At the same time, I also track and trade stock indices like the S&P, FTSE, Hong Kong Index, Shanghai Index and the Nikkei.

Being a firm believer in inter-market analysis, I know that it is essential for a trader to know what is happening in other markets in order to trade better in the Forex market as they are closely interlinked.

I trade in all sessions and take both short term and longer term trades. I believe ins using technical analysis and fundamental analysis in my trading.

Most importantly, I try to identify trends in the market and trade with the trend. At times I also execute counter-trend trades and use my own proprietary trading system to locate profitable entry and exit points.

I believe in using fundamental analysis in my trading as strong trends are usually backed by shifts in economic trends as well.

We often hear that the trader who understands solid risk management is someone who can protect and defend the account against loss in ANY trading environment. The trader who can master all 3 – Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Risk Management is what I call the “Triple Threat Trader”. I follow that philosophy and I coach my students to do the same. I hope that you too can join us and go through this rewarding journey together.

Below are some pictures that I have taken to show you my trading room and how I have set it up. I use a total of 6 screens and an LED screen on my left to alert me of the latest news and happenings on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Ardy’s Forex Trading Setup


Ardy’s Forex Trading Setup Close up

I hope that through this blog, I can document and share with you my experiences from the many hours of trading, being in front of the screen, reading books, researching the internet with others like you who have the same interest in trading the Forex market.

Feel free to contact me through this form and I will try my very best to assist you wherever I can. Also, link with me and other traders in this group that I administrate and founded on Facebook: Singapore Forex Traders

Cheers and Success to Your Trading!

~ Ardy

Ad victoriam!


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