Yes, I know, it feels really sucky when you get stopped out. But look here, if you cant bear to get stopped out and admitting that you have been wrong in a particular trade, then I would have to advise you to leave this pursuit of trading and go do something else.

It is and I repeat again, it is absolutely essential for you to have a stop loss whenever you take a trade or else you will eventually lose that capital that you have. You may make a 100% over a month but believe me a wrong trade and one without a stop loss can wipe that out totally to 0%. Yes my friend, that is possible.

Do not harbor the thought that the trade will turn around when it wouldn’t because the market is trending and can trend long enough to wipe out that account of yours. So friends, if you got stopped out of that trade, stay cool and take it professionally. Be happy that the next stopped out trade is what separates you from the rest of the losing traders and which is the stop that could have saved all that capital in that account.

All the best to your trading!


Currency Trader