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THE STEALTH FOREX GUIDE: Start Trading Like a Forex Ninja

Introduction: Wanna start trading Forex but don’t know how?

Thank your lucky stars. You have just found the perfect Free Forex Training Guide on how to learn to trade Forex  from the very beginning (without any prior trading knowledge required).

Follow the modules we have prepared and in no time you will be able to trade Forex like a ninja. You will also get to learn the ways of the market and how you can learn to trade Forex without losing your shirt.

We will keep the guide simple yet comprehensive and we promise to keep this Free Forex Training Guide as jargon free as can be too.

In a hurry to start trading? Don’t. Learn the ways of the ninja trader and keep yourself in the shadows until the moment arises for you to strike!



If you can recognize patterns, love taking calculated risks and you are looking for another source of income to supplement what you are already earning, trading could be just the thing for you. It can help you achieve the above objectives when done correctly.


If you are someone who possess self-discipline, determination, is ready to take on a new challenge and patient enough to wait for the best opportunities before striking, not afraid to risk a little in order to get more in return, lets get on it!

Get Started with our 6 Module FX Ninja Guide


Get ready to throw that shuriken and get your first profits from the Forex market. We have prepared for you a 6 Parts Free Forex Training Guide that can help you get started trading the Forex market.


In this Free Forex Training Guide, we will be providing you information and real life examples of the happenings in the Forex market to get you a feel of how the Forex market functions and how you can be the Forex trader that gains from trading the Forex market.


Get ready to be equipped with the useful information to get you started trading the Forex market.

Free Forex Training – Module 1: Know the Forex Terrain and its Major Participants

In this module of the Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn about how the Forex Eco-System functions and who the key players in the Forex market are. it is important or you to understand the battle field and what makes up the battlefield. You need to understand how the market functions and who moves the market, when and how they move the market. Their actions will affect your trades and therefore you will need to know how these institutions make their decisions and how they come to that decision.

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Enter the Forex Realm – The Forex Market De-Mystified

In Module 2 of this Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn about what makes up the currency rate and the processes of a Forex transaction. You will also learn about the Forex majors and the commodity currencies and their correlations with specific commodities. With this knowledge you will know why certain pairs become the favoured pairs traded by Forex traders and why certain Forex pairs have high liquidity.

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Free Forex Training

Analyse like a Forex Ninja – Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

In Module 3 of this Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn about Fundamental Analysis and how various Economic Theories and Models that Forex Ninjas use to identify salient points in the economic landscape to help them forecast currency rates over time. Learn about the most important U.S. data releases that can impact the Forex market during the U.S. trading session.

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Free Forex Training

Wield your Ninja Weapons – Technical Analysis, its Strengths and Limitations

In Module 4 of this Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn how Forex traders use Technical Analysis to read the charts and plan their strategy of attack. You will also learn about the various categories of Technical Analysis Tools, their strengths and limitations and how they are utilised by Forex Ninjas.

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Free Forex Training

Master your Mind, Create your Destiny – Secret Psychology of Successful Forex Traders

In Module 5 of this Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn about the secret psychology of the Forex Ninja. Learn how to remain cool and emotionless when trading and understand yourself before you seek to engage the Forex market. Learn how to keep a cool head as a Forex Ninja.

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Free Forex Training

The Systematic Forex Trader – Prepare to go to Battle with a Trading Plan

In Module 6 of this Free Forex Training Guide, you will learn how to prepare a good Forex Trading Plan. Understand what are the characteristics of a good Forex Trading Plan and learn how to construct one so that it will serve you well as you enter into the Forex Battle Field.

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