These guys from InstaForex went on a mountain climb. 2 employees of InstaForex Company Pavel Golubev and Evgeny Okhrimenko made an uprise to all 5 mountain peaks of Breithorn in Pennine Alps. They were on the top of Western Summit Mountain which was ascertained to be at a height of 4165 meters (13661 ft) above the sea level. On identifying that were near the mountain village named Zermatt, they established internet access and of course you know what they needed right? I am sure they didn’t do that to check their emails or to buy the latest get rich now ebook. What they did was to put on a trade of course!

With the internet, they could trade anywhere and that wwas what they actually did. At a height of 4000 meters, they carried out two buy/sell deals with EUR/USD and GBP/USD which instantly made them record setters. These guys set a world record of the highest trading above the sea level.

Knowing this fact that they could trade from themountains, I plan one day to trade in the Swiss alps. Having been to Europe, I find myself liking the Swiss alps a lot. Having skied there at Mount Titlis and after having skied on their intermediate ski course (Which nearly killed the me the noobie skier) and devouring the nice cool atmosphere from the top, I really didnt feel like leaving Switzerland.

Hoping to visit and trade in Switzerland one day, maybe break a record or two trading from the Alps. Brrrrrrr…….


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