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What it Takes to Become a Full Time Trader

Becoming a Full Time Forex Trader. Making it a Reality. If you are thinking about becoming a full time forex trader, there are a few things that you need to consider. In this article I am going to share with you 2 aspects of becoming a full time forex trader. Being a full time trader

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Trump as President means Uncertainty in the Financial Markets

Donald Trump the business man is now Donald Trump the President of the United States. As unexpected as his victory may be, millions of people around the globe now need to now grapple with this new reality. It is a reality that is filled with uncertainty. On the day he won the elections, the S&P and

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Contract Sizing when Trading Forex

Contract Sizing when Trading Forex Good day everyone! There's a constant debate on how many contracts one should put when trading Forex. I personally recommend that you put on a $1 per pip mini contract for every $1000 of your capital. So let's say you have $10,000 in you account. You can trade up to

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Trading Using 2 Accounts: The “Trading Plan” Account and the “Riskier Trades” Account

It could be said that perpetual trading just for the sake of trading is tantamount to gambling. No buts about it.  It’s just like throwing away your hard earned money at Marina Bay Sands. I am sure that is not what you intend to do with your trading account. You would want to grow your

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All Time Forex Trading Strategies that you Can Use 1. We identify a buying opportunity as a pullback down to support when the market is an uptrend   The part where the price stops going down is called support. Lets make it simple and easy for all. Some people call it the demand zone. Either way, prices will bounce off that level. 2.

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