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From the Trading Desk of Ardy Ismail                                                                            

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Dear Friend,

This is NOT your typical Sales Letter... In fact this is something that I would like to share only with Individuals who are SERIOUS and want to Make Money Trading the FOREX Market

Let me tell you what I did     

 before I decided to

Trade Forex FULL TIME ...

From the start the financial markets was something that attracted me.

Why not? It offers possibilities that not many other industries can match up to. I mean, lets face it. In which industry can you make a billion dollars in a day? Its hard to answer that right although there are definitely a few industries that lucrative.

Even then, how many instances have there been where you have an individual make a Billion dollars in a day?

Something like this did happen in the financial industry.

Let me share with you about George Soros. The guy made a Billion dollars on a currency trade.

He sold Pounds and went against the Bank of England who took the other side of the trade.

His idea that the Bank of England would never be able to stave off the problem its facing by increasing the interest rates of the country made Soros a Billion dollars richer, over a single day.

Yes.. you got it right.. a billion dollars of profits over a single day.

Besides that, I have also been greatly fascinated  with some of the trading success stories that I read about.

A book that gives great inspiration to me (and which still does today) is Jack D. Schwager's book Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders.

This is the book you would wanna get if you want to learn about trading and investing.

It stoked my own interest in trading and investing the financial markets after which I never looked back.

My first foray in the Stock Markets started about 16 years ago.

Being an undergraduate back then in the National University of Singapore and super new to the trading and investing arena, I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I first got my hands dirty in the stock market.

I really..really..sincerely wished that I had all the information from books and courses that I have now and which is available right now.

Back then I had to scour the libraries of my University in order to get  my hands on the information that I need to trade stocks decently.. at least that was what I thought.

The brokers at that time knew their potential customers well.

They had to find new customers and the knew exactly where to find them. guessed it right..the University of course. I observed that they were getting quite a number of sign ups back then.

They opened a booth and showed the crowd their new weapon at that time, online trading. Yup, online trading was quite new at that time. Every order can now be made through the internet.

This broke away from the usual practice of calling a broker in order to get your orders put in queue. It allowed for more privacy and it made trading the stock market seem so easy.

Well, to be honest with you, it was easy to click the buy and sell button but hey it wasn't always easy to be profitable in trading stocks.

Especially when you have inadequate information, lack experience and do not have someone who can teach and mentor you.

Ok, so this is what happened next. I got an account with one of the local stock brokers. In fact I opened three accounts so that I can lay my hands on the reports that each broker was sending out quite regularly.

I thought it was a good idea to read those reports and I believed that those reports hold "hidden" value.

It is only later that I learned that you can't totally depend on the those reports.. for various reasons which I wouldn't want to mention here.

So, there I go. I started trading stocks with about $4000 of my own money. I did make some money in the initial stage.

I used some indicators to trade and I took trades using an indicator called stochastic. did make money for me for a while. I bought the stocks when the stochastic was at a low level and sold it off when it went up about 15% to 20% from my buying price.

However, that didn't last forever...

My trades started to lose money. As usual when the stochastic went to a low level, I bought some stocks. But instead of going higher, the price went lower.

What is happening?!

My system wasn't making me the money as I'd expected. In fact, I was losing money!

I didn't understand at that time that when in a down trend, the oscillator tool that I used would be made irrelevant.

And this time, the market was turning south.

I had never experienced a bear market before and that was my first. I lost a couple of hundreds and felt quite demoralised.

I still remembered asking the broker why my system is not working the way I though it would.

This is what he told me, "The indicators will not be right 100% of the time. You need to use it in conjunction with other tools and modes of analysis in order to get a more accurate picture of the market."

Yikes! Why didn't anybody tell me earlier?!

Yup..I learned the hard way and from then on my journey with the financial markets begin.

I decided that I was going to invest in the stock markets instead of trading it. I wanted to play safe.

I believe also that one should not put all one's eggs in one basket.

As such, I usually advise close friends and family members to diversify their portfolio...some in cash, some in stocks, some in real estate, a portion in commodities and have some for trading the markets like Forex for example.

In the next part of my Forex trading journey, I'll be sharing with you when I got started trading Forex and what are the main reasons why I love this market so much.

My Forex Trading Journey Begins..

I started trading Forex in the November of 2008.

Yes, if you'd already known, that was during the worst financial crisis that we have had in recent years.

It was the time when the world markets were reeling and Lehman Brothers had just collapsed. It was a roller coaster ride on steroids trading during period. It was like a surfer trying to surf during a Tsunami.

But heck..I learned a lot during that episode. Never regretted beginning my journey in Forex trading during those turbulent times. You can say that it gave me the foundation to trade better when the market got less volatile and more sedated.

I was still working as a secondary school teacher back then.

However I knew I wanted to become a Full time Professional Forex trader eventually.

I set that as my goal and worked days and nights to perfect my craft, improving my trading system, tweaking my processes and entry and exit methods.

I worked my ass off to perfect my trading.

I knew for a fact that trading is one of the last bastions for financial freedom and that is something I really..really wanted. 

On top of that, I love the fact that it is a 24 hours market.

That aspect of Forex allowed me the freedom to trade when I want to and where I wanted to.

Trading have allowed me to choose my working hours. I don't have to trade the Asian session if I don't want to cos I can trade the U.S. session or the European Session.

I am no longer held prisoner to the 9 to 5 timing that most of us have to adhere to.

I can now watch my son's soccer game and not worry whether my Boss is going to allow me to take leave from work.

I have benefited from Forex Trading & So Can You..

I love travelling.

That is something I love to do besides trading.

Below are some pictures of me travelling across several countries.

And yes, I traded while I travelled.

As long as there is an internet connection, I can still monitor the market and trade.

Why stop something that you love doing right? And what more if it pays for your holiday. 🙂

My iPad connects me to the world's Financial markets.

Technology have opened up opportunities for us to enjoy a type of freedom that was once hardly available.

So what are you waiting for? Take the next step to realise your full potential!  

Surreal Bali - Dining near a Volcano, Beautiful Beaches, Wonderful food...

Adventures in Korea - Skiing fun, Jeju island & more..

Chillaxing in Borneo - Beautiful Islands and Awesome Cloud Mountain (Mt Kinabalu)

Travel across Europe (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France & Liechenstein)

Follow me on my Facebook Fanpage and Facebook Group..

Below is the ForexAchievers Facebook Fan page and I have about 4000 plus followers in that page. Some of the followers are my friends and some have become good friends after going with me for months and even years.

This is where I share and update some of my post on Forex trading. I also provide trading signals for traders to take. Its all FREE and you are welcome to join me there. Here is the link:  

I also created a free Forex group to encourage discussion and communication with other Forex traders at "Singapore Forex Traders" group on Facebook. At the moment we have nearly 4000 members there. 

Welcome to my Trading Room.

Get Top Notch Forex Training and



Welcome to my trading room my friend.

Thank you for going this far.

And yes... the picture below is of my trading room. I have dedicated a whole room to Forex trading activity.

This is where I spend my time thinking.. planning my trades. Where I dedicate tons of time.. perfecting my trading strategies and methods. 

Starting from 4 years ago, I have taken a few traders to be trained using my system.

As you have known I was a teacher before and frankly.. I still love teaching except that now I teach traders (Fyi, I was teaching Languages and Social Studies in secondary school, equivalent to high school in other places).

I am offering to teach a group of traders at the present moment. 

And I usually like to keep the group small.

Not more than 10 people at a time.


Simply because I want to give the group as much undivided attention as possible.

Numbers more than that might affect the Personalised Nature of my teaching.

And do take note that I am offering NOTHING BUT THE BEST.

Yes. I  do not settle for less. And I would want the same for you too.

Before I go into the details of the ForexAchievers Systematic Forex Trading Course, let me tell you what I did to separate the diamond from the rough. 

In my attempt to reach the highest levels of performance in trading the Forex market, I went through hundreds of trading books.

I researched and bought some of the most expensive books from Amazon and went through each and every book I could find on the topic of trading.

Attended seminars and courses to ensure that I don't miss out on anything that can take my trading a notch up.

Overall, I have spent thousands of dollars on the books and training in order to acquire the knowledge to trade well.

And I immediately put the knowledge learned into action.

Gathered enough capital to trade, I  learned through grit and experience what works in Forex trading and what should be thrown out of the window.

I did back testing and forward testing of the strategies I learned.

What I was looking for is the ESSENCE OF TRADING THE FOREX MARKET.

Anything else that makes Forex trading unnecessarily complex had been thrown out of the window.

I stick to K.I.S.S, Keep it Super Simple!

Now, it has taken me years to be where I am today and you absolutely don't have to do the same.

I have gone through all the clutter to bring out the gold nuggets from the huge pile of information nightmare.

Your job is to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT NOW!.  

Do not waste any more time. I will share my years of trading experience and transfer that Precious Knowledge to you.

After that I will be holding you accountable for your trading. We will be trading the same system and I do not want you to diverge from the system that I will be teaching you. Trust me.. it has untold benefits by sticking to the rules.

It will definitely SAVE YOU TONS OF TIME, MONEY AND TEARS than if you were to learn trading the hard way. 

I have spent months and years coming up with the content and resources that you will be getting.

Some of my past students have even asked me why I am giving all these GREAT FOREX TRADING SYSTEMS away. 

Look..the market is big enough for all of us. If you are massively profitable, that doesn't mean that there is going to be less profits for me to make.

Trillions of dollars are being traded every day in the currency market. Join me and we will take a piece of that pie for ourselves.

Ditch that scarce mentality and lets forge ahead together and make some good moolah from the Forex market.

I have conducted a few runs of the course and made improvements to the material over time.

Yes, you will receive updates from me from time to time and I will inform you of any changes happening in the market so you will not be given an unnecessary shock or surprise.

My job is to ensure that you pick up Forex trading as a skill and at the same time use time tested and battle tested strategies and methods that I use myself to trade well.  

The course is run over three days and below is what you will learn over the course of the three days. 



  • Introduction to Profitable Forex Trading
  • Advantages of Forex Trading
  • Learn to trade on a LIVE Forex Trading Platform
  • Capital and Risk Management Principles
  • Core Economic Fundamentals and The Forex Market
  • The Psychology of Profitable Forex Traders
  • Profitable Forex Chart Patterns

Introduction to Forex Trading

Learn how the Forex market operates, who its players are, the advantage Forex gives you and more.

Learn to use a Trading Platform

Learn how to operate the trading platform like a Pro and trade anywhere in the world with confidence.

Risk Management

Learn how to minimise the downside and maximise profits with easy to follow steps. Use the risk-reward ratio to your advantage and to maximise your profits.

Economic Fundamentals

Learn which economic data you should pay attention to and how it affects the Currency market and which data are just not worth your time to follow.

Psychology of Millionaire Traders

Recognise the emotions and psychology that affects your trading. Learn to work around them and trade like the Millionaire traders. 

Profitable Forex Chart Patterns

Anticipate opportunities before they happen and position yourself to profit from these Profitable Chart Patterns.



  • Price Action Trading and Candlesticks
  • Identify Demand and Supply Levels
  • Identify Trends in the Forex Market
  • How to use Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Price Cycles and the Elliot Wave Theory 
  • Wisdom in Petals and Shells: Fibonacci Analysis
  • Trade Planning, Psychology and Risk Management
  • Charting using TradingView PRO

Make BIG Profits with Candlesticks

Candlesticks or Price Action lets you interpret raw price movements and identify patterns so you can trade with confidence.

Identify Demand and Supply Zones

Identify and anticipate Market Reversals zones and plan your trades around them for maximum profitability.

The Trend is your Friend

Trade with the trend. Learn strategies and technique on how to enter into a trend and ride it until it stops giving.

Leading and Lagging Indicators

Learn to differentiate between Leading and Lagging Indicators and know when to use either one of them without being sidestepped.

Elliot Wave Theory  

Increase your understanding of how current price action relates to the market's larger trend. Learn to identify the maturity of a trend and how to establish price targets.

Fibonacci Analysis

Benefit from the ancient mathematician's scientific legacy. Learn how the Fibonacci sequence helps you understand the Forex market and its movements. 

Plan your trades and trade your plan

Trading is a Business and like any Business you need a plan. Learn how to plan your trades in advance and never again allow the market to give you any unpleasant surprise.

Learn to Chart with TradingView Pro

Learn to chart using the web's most advanced charting software which contains all the technical tool you need to trade profitably. Best of all, its FREE!



  • LIVE Trading during Europe and US Trading Session (8.00 to 10.30 pm)
  • Trade Planning, Execution and Trade Journaling.

Live Trading Session

See LIVE how Ardy plans his trades and see him taking a trade in front of you. Nothing beats a LIVE demonstration and you can ask him any questions while he is doing it. 

Trade Journaling

It is important  to record your trades when it is profitable and when it is not. This is the mark of a Professional Trade and you've got to learn how to do it the proper way.


You will receive a set of course materials after signing up for the course. A handbook will be provided to you at no extra charge.

Any updates to the materials will be emailed to you in the future. Meticulous effort have been put in to produce these resources. 

*All copyright in the course handbook belongs to


MD TaiyebShipping Consultant

The Forex course conducted by Ardy have been very useful and made me a better trader. Highly recommended. He is also always willing to help me out when I get confused over something and is very patient with my questions. I have doubled my money in two of my accounts within a week. Thank you Ardy. The system works!

Ardy imparts trading strategies that works. Coupled with strict money management and an emphasis on patience and discipline, I now trade with confidence. I no longer shoot in the dark when I trade. He encourages us to stick to the system he teaches and to follow the trend. It has been remarkable.

Nizar KaderMarketing Director, Whitespace Media
Nabiel H. D.Financial IT Consultant, Citibank

Ardy doesn’t hide anything. Its straight up, in the face kinda thing. You’ve got to accept the fact that trading is a skill and a business. He emphasises on taking trading seriously and treating it like a business. No taking trades on a whim. Its about being systematic and sticking to the rules. 

The Forex classes that Ardy conducts are very educational. Especially for me who knows nuts about FX trading. The topics covered goes from the very basic to advance. It gave me great insight to the world of Forex. His trading strategies are simple yet proven over and over again. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn Forex.

Kamal R.Ship Operation Executive

The Forex training provided by Ardy has made me understand Forex systems better. The fundamentals are explained in simple terms for the layman like me. Ardy has been patient in guiding me throughout the course. His methodology has given me more confidence and courage to trade Forex. If I'm in doubt, he will not hesitate to provide me immediate assistance.

At first I was quite apprehensive being able to trade Forex as I heard that it can be quite complex and I have never been involved in the financial markets before. However, after attending Ardy's Forex course I am now able to trade with confidence. Ardy is able to explain the concepts in Forex trading really well and he teaches us a system that once learned is easy to apply and is not confusing. Now I can trade with confidence and I am thinking of trading Forex full time in the near future. 

FawziyahEducation Officer
Siti NoorEducationist

The course is comprehensive and applicable to trading Forex successfully. It does not contain too many confusing strategies and the use of unnecessary indicators that only clutters the chart. Students of the course can pick up Forex trading fast and start trading in no time. 

Some Called me Insane for

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  To your Forex Trading Success!

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before you decide to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. You must be aware that there is a possibility that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment. Therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.