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Why you Should Trade Using Higher Time Frames

Patience pays in trading. And trading the higher time frames requires patience. In fact, you need to also understand the higher time frames before you trade the lower time frames. That is the reason why why I urge traders to trade using higher time frames extensively when trading. That to me is an EDGE, an

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Market Overview – 29th March 2017

USD Strengthened The greenback strengthened USD and regained strength overnight as we saw better than expected consumer confidence which came in at 125.6 (16-year high). At the same time Fed Fischer’s words which hinted at the likelihood of two more rate hikes gave reason for the greenback to be bought.  UST 10yr went up to 2.42%. The reflation trade

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Market Overview – 20th March 2017

USD Weaker after Rate Hike The Fed have just hiked rates for the 3rd since the financial crisis. However, we they have also failed to give upgrades to economic projections and this sent sentiments south as the market perceived the whole thing as a less hawkish view. We could also view the sell off in

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Market Overview – 10th March 2017

ECB Looking More Hawkish ECb have raised growth and inflation forecasts and this have given Euro bulls a reason to buy and push the EURUSD beyond the 1.06 level before the pair settles down at a around the 1.0580 level. The ECB have also stated that the asset purchase program will continue until Dec but

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Market Overview – 8th March 2017

US Trade Deficit  The widening of the US Trade Deficit is becoming worrying and the figure came out at U$48.5bn in Jan compared to the previous figure of U$44.3bn. Although some might see this as a sign of stronger demand of the US consumers, other would prefer to look deeper into the details. It has also

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