I have pondered. I have questioned. I have lived through the experience. I think I am ready now to reveal to you the 5 secrets that can make you a successful forex trader. Here goes and be forewarned that by following these 5 tips, you are setting yourself to become a successful forex trader that only 5% of those who tried ever made it through without exploding their bank vault. So, if you ever dream of becoming that 5% who takes from the rest of the 95%, it will be good for you to now sit back and reflect on the things that I am going to explain next.


Possess a Method to Trade


Develop the Discipline to Follow your Method


Acquire Real Trading Experience with Real Money


Develop the Mental Strength that Losses is part of the Game.


Develop the Mental Strength to Hold on to Trades and Accept HUGE Gains.

Yes my friend, the above 5 secrets are now told to you. You need right now to really understand what the 5 secrets above  mean.

If you need to dissect each phrase and cut it up and write it on paper before burning the paper and swallowing it, do it!

If you need to go to the Austrian Alps and shout the 5 secrets that makes a successful forex trader over and over again so that you do not forget them, do it!

If you need to write the 5 secrets that makes a successful forex trader a thousand times over, do it!

It will be for your own good and it will help you become the trader that you really want to be. I am going to write  book based on the 5 forex secrets  laid out above and I am going to give it away free. Yes, free of charge, You heard that right. Before I launch the book, do take the time and really try to understand the 5 secrets on your own.

To your trading success!


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